About us

The E&M Handcrafts store is designed to find the handmade decorations for your home, some collections such as miniature gardens, flower waterfalls, glass ornaments, and jute, are going to be exclusive, it is very difficult when we make one can make another equal.
Our store not only covers the decorating of the home but also makes a perfect combination with our personal appearance, the jewelry aims to keep us up to date with the latest trends in the market.

The prices have been established through a search in the market to offer them the most feasible and thus we prefer us, also, for the quality, originality, and beauty of the products.
At your request we can customize our products, making them even more exclusive. Because the products must be made, mostly manually, we need an estimated time of 2 to 4 weeks to make and ship.

The originality and exclusivity of many of our articles make them in great demand, that is why we must charge your credit or debit card the moment you buy so the product is guaranteed for you. It may take up to 30 days to receive your product, but we always try to make the shipment happen as quickly as possible. https://eymhandcrafts.com/pages/contact-us 

When you buy with us you are receiving original ideas of decoration for the home and personal updating us every day with the best tendencies on these subjects.
For any query Call us or send us an email to 5618028136 y eymhandcrafts@gmail.com or through our contact page.

You can contact us to make a new order, ask questions or ask for a special change. We are delighted that you make a purchase with us, in the same way, we thank you for your preference for this wonderful store that has a wonderful day! We are available Monday through Friday, 9-5 EST